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David Albert David Albert co-wrote the What Really Matters column for Natural Life Magazine. He is a homeschooling father, speaker and author of a number of books, including And the Skylark Sings with Me, Homeschooling and the Voyage of Self-Discovery, Have Fun. Learn Stuff. Grow. Homeschooling and the Curriculum of Love and What Really Matters (published by Natural Life Magazine's publishing company.) He lives in Olympia, Washington, USA. Some of David's articles are The Wellsprings of Memory and Healing Trauma and School Disease.
Ron Bearwald Ron Bearwald is a public school educator who has also taught university graduate level courses in education. A lifelong sports and outdoor enthusiast, he has been a certified team sports referee and recreation supervisor. He counts biking, hiking, photography, and freelance writing among his favorite activities. Currently, he works for the Illinois State Board of Education Suburban Chicago Educational Service Center as a consultant and mentor. He resides with his wife Nancy in suburban Chicago, IL, USA. His article Life Lessons of the Trail was published in Natural Life's May/June 2010 issue.
Leandre Bergeron Léandre Bergeron is an author and activist who was born in Manitoba, studied in France and taught at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada before moving to the Quebec countryside in the early 1970s with his wife Francine to live a life of voluntary simplicity. His many works range from a guide to home birth to the Dictionnaire de la langue québécoise and For the Sake of Our Children, published by Natural Life's publisher Life Media. He is a tireless champion for the underdog and advocate for educational, political and social reform. Some of Léandre's articles in Natural Life Magazine: For the Sake of Our Children and For the Children's Sake.
Andrea Belcham Andrea Belcham has two long-time passions: food and sustainability. She founded a local batch cooking group, comprised of six women who once a month meet to cook vegan meals for their families; and a natural foods buying club, about fifteen families that order foods in bulk from a distributor and meet to sort it in Andrea’s living room. When she isn’t growing, gathering, and cooking, she teaches vegetarian cooking and is the author of a book by Natural Life’s publisher called Food and Fellowship. Some of the articles from that book were published in Natural Life’s July/August 2011 issue. She lives in Quebec, Canada, with her husband and daughter.
Michelle Branco Michelle Branco is a freelance writer and blogger. She writes about mothering, breastfeeding, product safety and food. Her much-put-upon family serves as lab assistants, taste testers, and clean-up crew. She is also an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and when she’s not at the keyboard or experimenting in the kitchen, she runs a private lactation consultant practice at Latch Lactation. Some of her articles about fermented foods that have been published in Natural Life Magazine are: Make Your Own Cheese, How to Make Your Own Ginger Beer, and How to Make Sauerkraut.
Anna Brown Anna Brown enjoys sharing her passions including sustainable living, holistic health, backyard chickens, and living consensually. She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA with her husband David and their two daughters Afton and Raelin. They share their suburban home with six cats, five chickens and two rabbits. Together, they explore the world around them, living and learning together every day. Her article Putting Waste to Work in Your Garden was published in Natural Life Magazine's January/February 2012 issue.
Kassandra Brown Kassandra Brown has embraced simple living by moving, with her two children, to Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in rural Missouri,  USA where she works from her 200-square-foot home as an online parenting coach. Her article Moving to an Ecovillage was the cover story in Natural Life Magazine's November/December 2013 issue.
Gillian Burns Gillian Burns hails from Yorkshire, England. She worked for the BBC World Service, The Hong Kong Government, a non-profit foundation in San Francisco, and a venture capital company in California's Silicon Valley before setting her sails for more distant lands. She has traveled, lived and worked in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, and Malaysia. Home for Gillian, her husband, and two children is now Austin, Texas, USA, where she works as a freelance writer. She hopes her children will inherit the English gardening gene. Her article My English Garden was published in Natural Life Magazine in 2016.
Andrea Cameron Andrea Cameron wrote the Natural Family column for Natural Life Magazine until her young son became seriously ill. She is a mother and educator living in Eastern Ontario, Canada. She writes a weekly column for The Brockville Voice. Her poetry and fiction has appeared in Room Magazine and The Antigonish Review. She has also written articles for previous issues of Natural Life Magazine, including Making Baby Brainy. Here are two of of her columns: The Smell of Ice and Lesson Learned.
Monica Carless Monika Carless, a freelance writer, artist and Publisher at Earth Spirit Press, follows Wise Woman Traditions and promotes sustainable living practices. She is the author of Tessa and the Fairies, a children’s book written to inspire environmental and spiritual awareness through connection with elemental beings. Among her articles for Natural Life Magazine have been Put Your Veggies to Bed, Loving and Learning Every Minute, The Transitional Town and Finding Community.
Shawnda Chambers Shawnda Chambers is a certified yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, inspired writer and mother of four who teaches emPOW!erment workshops to woman and girls in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her article A Walking Meditation appeared in Natural Life Magazine's November/December 2009 issue.
Maria Cicuendez Maria Cicuéndez is a journalist from Spain who studied at university in Pennsylvania, USA. She is a master of Reiki, sound therapy, crystal therapy, and floral essences. Her article Parenthood's Responsibilities was published in Natural Life Magazine's May/June 2010 issue.
Robyn Coburn Robyn Coburn writes the Crafting for a Greener World column for Natural Life. After a career designing for theater and independent films, she finds her joy as an unschooling mother who also writes and crafts. She worked for Greenpeace during her college years in Australia. She lives in Los Angeles, California, USA with her husband James and ever-inspiring daughter Jayn. Some of Robyn's columns: Crochet With Plarn, Make Your Own Holiday Gift Wrapping, Craft Kits: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and How to Make a Recycled Paper Notebook.
Pauline Mary Curley Pauline Mary Curley is an Irish unschooling mom, lucky enough to divide her time between the West of Ireland and New Jersey, USA. In a previous life in Europe (pre-children), she worked as a structural engineer, a trade union representative and an adult literacy and numeracy teacher, and co-founded a Women’s Center in Luton, England. She offers "All About Ireland" homeschool workshops and one of her dreams is to encourage North American life learning families to visit and explore Ireland.
Bernie DeKoven

Bernie De Koven’s lifelong belief that life should be fun led him to develop new ways of playing. His many works include the book Junkyard Sports (the topic of his 2005 article for Natural Life Magazine), which describes a paradigm-busting concept for athletic events. He established The Games Preserve, a retreat center for in-depth investigations of games and play. In his book The Well Played Game (Writers Club Press, 2002), he voiced a philosophy of “healthy competition” that formed the core teachings of the New Games Foundation, of which he was co-director. He has also designed games for Ideal Toy Company, Children’s Television Workshop, CBS Software, and Mattel Toys.

Duane Elgin Duane Elgin is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and social visionary who looks beneath the surface turbulence of our times to explore the deeper trends that are transforming our world. His books include: Voluntary Simplicity and Awakening Earth: Exploring the Evolution of Human Culture and Consciousness. His article The Garden of Simplicity was published in Natural Life Magazine in 2003.
Dionna Ford Dionna Ford is a lawyer turned work-at-home mama of her amazing son Kieran. She shares information, resources, and her thoughts on natural parenting and life with a toddler/preschooler on various blogs, is a regular contributor on API Speaks (the blog sponsored by Attachment Parenting International), and co-hosts the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting. Her article Ten Ways to Reduce Your Toddler's Carbon Footprint appeared in Natural Life Magazine's May/June 2011 issue.
Allison Fuentes Allison Fuentes is a state park ranger in coastal South Carolina, USA. Her day job keeps her busy giving historic tours and identifying wildlife. She is also a wife and a mother, and being there for her family is her favorite role in life. Allison’s husband was born in Central America, and, as a family, they strive to include both cultures in their lives. The family enjoys fishing, hiking, camping, boating, and biking. Her article Bone Broth - Healing in a Pot was published in Natural Life Magazine in January of 2017.
Sharon Moe Furl Sharon Moe Furl received her Bachelor’s degree in Wisconsin and a Master’s degree in Texas, USA. She has taught writing in community colleges in Illinois and Texas for over 15 years. In addition to freelance writing for magazines, she has been a freelance newspaper writer in Colorado. She now lives in New Mexico with her husband and three cats, and her 40th garden. Her article High Desert Gardening was published for Natural Life Magazine in April 2017.
Jennifer Gautreau Jennifer Gautreau lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She is a stay-at-home mom who is nourishing a budding freelance writing career. The article Learning in the Forest, in the November/December 2008 issue, was Jennifer's first for Natural Life Magazine.
Liz Hancock Liz Hancock and her husband Geoff have lived, worked, and gardened in the UK, USA, and eastern and western Canada. They are “old Greenies” who have lived recycling, reusing, and natural gardening since the 1960s. They live on the edge of a small town called Maple Ridge in British Columbia. In 2008, theirs was chosen as the Greenest Household in the Lower Mainland here in BC by a Vancouver newspaper. Liz has written for Back Home Magazine, The Vancouver Museum, and other publications. Her article The Gentle Art of Raising a Garden was published for Natural Life Magazine in 2011.
Erin Hofseth Erin Hofseth graduated from George Fox University after studying Sociology and Communication Arts. She lives with her husband, two boys, and beloved dog in a small town on the North Oregon Coast in the USA. She writes, runs, surfs, cooks, and gardens; but most importantly, loves and nurtures her growing babies. Her article Living Without Labels was the cover story in Natural Life Magazine's March/April 2012 issue, and her  article Small Space Living was published later in 2012.
Kelly Hogaboom Kelly Hogaboom was raised by hippies in a bus that had planets painted on the side. She now lives in a much-beloved semi-urban ex-logging town nestled in a windswept harbor in the Pacific Northwest. She lives with her partner and their two children, four kitties, and five laying hens. She loves to sew, to cook, to write, and to stay up too late watching B-movies with her family. Her article Thrifty, Greener Clothes was published in Natural Life Magazine's March/April 2011 issue, and Non-Punitive Parenting appeared in 2012.
Amanda K Jaros Amanda K. Jaros is a freelance writer and blogger focusing on nature, science, and parenting stories. When not writing, she plays outside as much as she can with her partner Rob, stepdaughter Talya, and son Cedar in Ithaca, NY, USA. Find her online as Blog Editor at Literary Mama. Her article Little Libraries, Big Ideas was published in Natural Life Magazine in 2014.
Sarah Kamrath Sarah Kamrath is a filmmaker who is producing a series of DVDs helping parents connect with their most powerful tool, their intuition. The videos compile the wisdom of over thirty of the most well-respected experts in their fields and cover natural parenting topics like the importance of a mother's emotional well-being during pregnancy, understanding babies are conscious within the womb; the benefits of natural birth, early bonding, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, circumcision, and supporting a child's developing immune system. Her article Learning to Trust Our Intuition was published in the September/October 2011 issue.
Gregoire Lamoureux Grégoire Lamoureux wrote a permaculture column for Natural Life in the 1990s. He is a permaculture designer, consultant, teacher and mentor, and the director of the Kootenay Permaculture Institute in British Columbia, Canada. He has also studied alternative building and worked on straw bale and cob house buildings. Some of Grégoire's columns in Natural Life: The Permaculture Garden; The Forest Garden; Planting the Edges
Pam Laricchia Pam Laricchia and her family live and learn joyfully in Ontario, Canada. She loves seeing her kids living with such intention. Choosing the best path for themselves from the rich palate of life gives them so many opportunities to learn about themselves: “It’s not always easy, but it is incredible.” She wrote the article In Control: Helping a Child Self-Manage a Chronic Disease in Natural Life's March/April 2010 issue.
Pamela Levac Pamela Levac has been translating in to French and English for over twenty years. Her work includes web sites, product packaging, press releases, numerous other publications and two books. Pamela is also a writer and has been published in several Canadian and American magazines and academic journals. She is the mother of two children who learned at home for eight happy years and a passionate gardener. Her article Birthing My Garden was published in Natural Life Magazine's July/August 2010 issue.
Richard Louv Richard Louv is a journalist and author of eight books about the connections between family, Nature, and community, including Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder and The Nature Principle: Human Restoration and the End of Nature-Deficit Disorder (Algonquin). His work has stimulated an international conversation about the relationship between children and Nature, resulting in the Children & Nature Network, of which he is the founding chairman. Louv coined the term Nature-Deficit Disorder,™ which has become the defining phrase of this important issue, and won many awards for his work. His article The Criminalization of Natural Play appeared in Natural Life Magazine’s May/June 2005 issue.
Kevin Luttery Kevin Luttery lives and writes in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He has published several essays and newspaper editorials, as well as having written for local theater. A passionate backyard birder, he is currently working on a collection  of narrative essays about birds and Nature. His article Return to Eden appeared in Natural Life's March/April 2010 issue.
Ed Mass Ed Mass is President and founder of Yes, It's Organic, an online store for organic, fair labor and eco- friendly goods. After being an environmentalist for over 40 years, he decided to participate more directly in growing the organic, fair labor and eco-friendly industries by educating consumers and influencing their buying habits. Some of Ed's articles in Natural Life: Organic Fabrics; Bamboo Textiles; Hemp Fabric
Ron Miller Ron Miller is the author or editor of nine books on educational alternatives, and a former editor of Education Revolution magazine. He is also on the editorial board of Vermont Commons: Voices of Independence news journal. Ron taught at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont, USA before "retiring" to own a bookstore in a small town in Vermont. His article Decentralizing Educational Authority appeared in Natural Life Magazine's July/August 2009 issue.
Ute Mitchell Ute Mitchell lives with her husband and two children in a Portland, Oregon, USA suburb, where she learns, writes, gardens and is known in her homeschooling community as the friendly atheist. Ute's first article in Natural Life Magazine was I Don't Need to Know.
Belinda Moore Belinda Moore wrote the Home Grown Kids column for Natural Life Magazine in 2008-09. She is a home-educating mother of six. She landed in tropical north Queensland, Australia quite by chance and enjoys the simplicity there, compared to her time in cities. Growing things has been a lifelong passion, no matter where she has lived. Other passions include her family, homeschooling advocacy, writing, sewing and environmental issues. One of Belinda's columns in Natural Life Magazine is The Snack Patch.
Alexandra Morton Alexandra Morton is a scientist, whale researcher, activist who has been concerned about fish farming on British Columbia, Canada's west coast since she moved there in the 1980s. She is director of the Raincoast Research Society, a charitable non-profit society dedicated to science and she founded the Pacific Coast Wild Salmon Society to use the courts to try and correct some of the serious legal issues with the fish farming industry. Today, she earns her living speaking and selling her books, drawings and photographs, but her passionate and effective activism for wild salmon takes up most of her time. Her article Whales Don't Eat Farmed Salmon; Why Should We? appeared in Natural Life Magazine in 1997 and is still relevant today.
Sarah Mosko Sarah (Steve) Mosko is licensed psychologist and sleep disorders specialist living in Southern California, USA. A background in neurobiology and medical research enables her to delve into and explain current scientific research findings which show how our materialistic society is endangering human health and the environment. Her hope is that her writings will help empower people to make changes in their personal lifestyles and in the society at large which are critical to preserving the environment for future generations of humans and all life forms. Some of her articles for Natural Life Magazine include How Many Energy Servants Support Your Lifestyle? (2011), Greening Laundry Day (2012), and Demand Sustainably Produced Cut Flowers (2016).
Hugh Perry Hugh Perry wrote a series of columns in Natural Life Magazine about LEED for Homes in 2008/09: Sustainable Housing Design; Sustainable Building Sites; Water Efficiency; Energy and Atmosphere; Materials and Resources; Indoor Air Quality.
Rolf Priesnitz Rolf Priesnitz is the Publisher and co-founder of Natural Life Magazine. He is also a trades professor, a college administrator, and an apprenticeship expert with over 40 years experience in the construction industry. He currently lives with his wife, Wendy (Natural Life's editor) in eastern Canada. Some of Rolf's articles in Natural Life Magazine: Renovate Your Home Naturally; A Dome for a Home; The Art of Timber Framing; Super-Insulated Retrofit Keeps the Heat In; Passive Houses; Beyond Green Building Certification Programs; and Cracks in the Green Mortar.
Wendy Priesnitz Wendy Priesnitz is Natural Life's co-founder and Editor. She is also a journalist with over 40 years of experience, a former broadcaster, the author of 13 books, a poet, activist and change-maker. Some of Wendy's numerous articles in Natural Life Magazine: The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Rocks the Boat; Tear Up Your Turf; Saying No to Bottled Water; Taming the Power of Possessions; Small is Beautiful; Start Your Own Business and Change the World; The Benefits of Boredom; and Ethical Consumerism. She is based in eastern Canada.
Lisa Reagan Lisa Reagan is the associate editor for Pathways to Family Wellness magazine and the parent representative on the board of directors for the Holistic Pediatric Association. She is also the co-founder and past president of Families for Conscious Living. Lisa is a certified Reiki Master Teacher and lives with her family on their farm in Toano, Virginia, USA. Her article Re-writing the Story of Who We Are: Celebrating Our Shift to Conscious Choice was published in Natural Life Magazine's January/February 2011 issue.
Joyce Reed Joyce Reed co-wrote the What Really Matters column for Natural Life. She is the parent of five successful home educated college grads. She served for 14 years as Associate Dean of The College at Brown University where she reached out to homeschooled teens. After retiring, she began consulting with primarily international and homeschooling families seeking to attend college. She is co-author with David Albert of the book What Really Matters (published by Natural Life Magazine's publishing company.) Some of Joyce's columns in Natural Life Magazine: The Wellsprings of Memory and Healing Trauma and School Disease.
Michael Rice Michael Rice is an award winning architect and member of the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland. He studied at the School of Architecture in University College Dublin. He has studied Architecture/Natural Design, Martial Arts, Science and Philosophy for over 25 years. He set up his own practice in 1998, specializing in Sacred Design and Living. He designs and teaches internationally and has gained a reputation as a dynamic and playfully enthusiastic presenter. He lives in Ireland with Heather and their five home educated kids. His article Biologic Architecture was the cover story in Natural Life Magazine's January/February 2010 issue.
Ellen Rowland Ellen Rowland first wrote about an off-the-grid earth house that she helped to build with her husband and two young children in Senegal, W. Africa - Turning of the Soil - in Natural Life Magazine’s November/December, 2011 issue. She is a writer of sustainable issues, fiction, humor, and poetry, and has recently published a book about her experiences with unschooling her children. Her article Natural Swimming Pools was the cover feature in Natural Life Magazine's July/August 2012 issue.
Gene Sager Gene C. Sager is Professor of Environmental Ethics at Palomar College in San Marcos, California. He is a prolific and thoughtful writer on environmental and philosophical issues. Some of Gene's articles in Natural Life Magazine: Elder Ironies: Growing Old with Simplicity (2007); A Message from a Saint About Cell Phones and Life (2007); The High Cost of Playing Golf (2008); What Are We Fishing For? (2009); Grass-fed Beef (2008); Wholistic Simplicity (2010); Saint Francis Goes to the Mall (2010); Natural Reflections: What Does the Word 'Natural' Really Stand For? (2011); Saint Francis and the Deep Car Culture (2012); The Feast of Fools (2013); Saint Francis and the Amazing Technological Dream Machine (2014), Flippancy and Connecting With a Place (2015); Verbal Violence and the American Way (2016); The Birds of Simplicity (2016); The Sounds of Mass Distraction (2017); Nature Mysticism and Social Action 200 Years After Thoreau (2017).
Libby Searles-Bohs Libby Searles-Bohs lives in a solar house that she and her husband designed and built on their farm near Durham, NC, USA. Blueberries and blackberries fill her summers. A homeschooling mother of two for the past fifteen years, she loves pedaling down country roads with her husband, laughing with her friends, and watching her children grow up. Her article The Hybrid Commute: Bike Commuting Doesn't Have to be All or Nothing was published in Natural Life Magazine's January/February 2011 issue.
Indra Singh Indra Singh has been studying yoga for twenty years and trained to be a yoga teacher in the U.K., U.S.A. and Brazil. Her main practice is kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She specializes in teaching children’s yoga and yoga for children with special needs, and the benefits of yoga for the pregnant mother and her unborn baby. She currently lives with her two daughters in the UK. She has written two yoga articles for Natural Life Magazine: Yoga for Children and Yoga in a Child's Daily Life.
David Snieckus David Snieckus is a graduate of the world-renowned Kushi Institute and has been practicing macrobiotics since 1977. Currently, he is a Macrobiotic Counselor, Coach and Chef who resides in Newton, MA, USA. Since 1977, David has been helping individuals change their diets and improve their lives. He is an experienced, entertaining and engaging speaker. His passion is to share his knowledge and experience and invoke self-awareness in others so that they may experience optimum health and well being. His article Our Kitchens as Wellness Centers appeared in Natural Life Magazine's January/February 2010 issue.
Liz Snyder Liz Snyder is a food activist, nutritional anthropologist, and screenwriter. She is also the founder of Full Circle Farm in Sunnyvale, California, an educational, organic farm on school land that connects 14,000 children directly to the source of  their food, both in the fields and in the cafeteria. She and her family live in California, USA. Her article Real Food, Real Kids, Real Love was published in Natural Life Magazine's May/June 2010 issue and The Gifts of Creativity appeared in the November/December 2011 issue.
Jim Strickland Jim Strickland lives in Everett, Washington, USA with his wife and three children. He is a community-based educator in nearby Marysville where he works to promote non-coercive learning and the development of true learning communities. Some of Jim's articles in Natural Life Magazine: Hope for Heliophobes; In Search of Great Skills; The Dark Side of Schooling, Towards Educative Communities and What is Your Community Teaching You?
Eva Swidler Eva Swidler lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA with her public-school-teacher husband and life learning daughter. She juggles spending time with her family, being part of an anarchist bookstore collective and teaching history. She is a faculty advisor in the B.A. program at Goddard College, a low-residency college based on self-directed learning and progressive education principles, and on the triad of real learning as including “thinking, being, doing”. In addition to an article in Natural Life Magazine entitled Reimagining Schools, she has contributed to Life Learning Magazine and the book Life Learning: Lessons from the Educational Frontier.
John Taylor Gatto John Taylor Gatto was New York State Teacher of the Year prior to resigning from teaching because he said he didn't want to do any more harm to children. He is the author of the bestselling Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling, The Underground History of American Education and Weapons of Mass Instruction. Some of John's articles in Natural Life: Beyond Money; What Really Matters; and Personal Solutions, Family Solutions.
Rashel Tremblay Rashel Tremblay is a single mother to three children. They spend their time life learning and growing food on the shores on Lake Erie. Her articles for Natural Life Magazine include We Eat Weeds, and Diaper-Free: There Is Another Choice and Rethinking, Revising and Revisioning the 3Rs.
David Wann David Wann is a well-known writer and highly praised sustainability activist who lives in Colorado, USA. His books include Affluenza, Simple Prosperity: Finding Real Wealth in a Sustainable Lifestyle, and the newly published The New Normal: An  Agenda for Responsible Living. His articles for Natural Life Magazine include Finding Real Wealth and Overfed But Undernourished, which was published in the January/February 2011 issue.
Laura Grace Weldon Laura Grace Weldon is the author of the book Free Range Learning: How Homeschooling Changes Everything. She lives on Bit of Earth Farm where she makes tinctures, messy art, and according to her kids, too many experimental meals. Some of her articles published in Natural Life Magazine are: Frugal Kids: Five Ways That Simple, Frugal Living Benefits Kids (2011), Will Fracking Affect my Family (2016), and The Boy With No Toys (2011).
Linda Woolven Linda Woolven is a master herbalist, certified acupuncturist and solution focused counselor with a private practice in Toronto, Canada, that also focuses on vitamins and nutrition. She has published three books: The Vegetarian Passport Cookbook, Healthy Herbs, and Smart Woman’s Guide to PMS and Pain-free Periods, with more on the way. Her article Natural Ways to Rev Up Your Immunity appears in Natural Life Magazine's January/February 2010 issue.
Patricia Zaballos Patricia Zaballos is a homeschooling mother of three who lives in Northern California, USA. Once upon a time, she was an elementary school teacher, which has been as much hindrance as help in her life as a homeschooler. For many years, she has  facilitated writing workshops for homeschoolers and wrote a book on nurturing the voices of homeschooled writers. The essay Be Your Own Best Teacher was published in Natural Life Magazine's November/December 2009 issue.

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